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This is a list of my favourite TV shows. All links are taking you to if not specified. I really recommend watching them in original language, not matter where you come from, since the synchronised version mostly sucks, with very few exceptions.

My favourite TV Shows in 2014

  1. Shameless US (2011): The original series had huge success in the UK and was renewed in an US version, I like even better. Centerpiece of the story is the drunk Frank Gallagher, his house and family. Chicago with it’s shabby chic and long cold periods is the perfect background for this comedy about family, love, white trash habits and genius. You can watch all episodes here.
  2. My Name is Earl (2005): Probably the best sitcom ever produced. Unfortunately discontinued after the fourth season. I’m still waiting for the sequel, Jason Lee wanted to produce, but it will probably never happen. Nevertheless, you can watch all episodes here.
  3. Vikings (2013): My not so secret new favourite. First season was amazing, especially it had this interesting combination of (semi) – historical accuracy and a dark, mystic vibe. And they didn’t even need dragons or any other fantasy elements. Watch vikings here online.
  4. Californication (2007): A modern Bukowski adaption, or at least inspired by the great Hank. About a writer struggling with the relationship to his ex and their daughter. His alcohol and drug abuse is not helping much, while his career has its ups and downs. At least the first three seasons are worth watching!
  5. Sons of Anarchy (2008): Since I partly grew up with a family member being a MC member at the same time, I can’t do any other than loving this show. It might be cheesy here and there and the quality of the show is not exactly progressing a lot though the seasons. Still it has some great characters and once you’re started, you’ll probably finish. Watch the Sons of Anarchy here.
  6. High Maintanence (2014): Scenes from the life of a weed delivery bike courier. You will get to know another hipster species in every episode. Mental New Yorkers and their first world problems at its finest. You can watch the first season of High Maintanence free on Vimeo
  7. Utopia (2013): Great dystopian dark vision. Only two existing seasons. Contained some stories in the plot that then came true a year later. In a plot like that, always scary! You can watch Utopia here.
  8. The Last Man on Earth (2015): This new show is maybe not the most creative, but how can a show about the last guy living on earth not be coll? He can o all the stuff, everybody wants to do in real life, just nobody cares. But as much as he enjoys it, as much he struggles. Hilarious. Watch it here.

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