plxp #001- I’d still call this happy music

…not kidding

  1. A.A.Bondy – When the Devils loose. Auguste Arthur Bondy from Alabama. Former Singer of nineties rock group Verbena. This track is on his second of three records and is also called: When the Devil’s Loose (2009) on iTunes
  2. Flamin Groovies – I’ll cry alone. Founded in 1965, the band went through different stages ever since. During the late 1970s by the time they released their fourth album “Shake Some Action” and its following two records, the band gained modest popularity: I’ll cry alone (1976) on iTunes
  3. Alex G – Change. Alex G (23) is one of the new talents, that come out of nowhere. Okay, we know they come from new media. Not very romantic but it works. Unclear influences and obvious creativity will make him good company around some other normcore rock stars. “Change” is from his recenty released album “Trick”. Alex G – Change (2015) bei iTunes
  4. Dinosaur Jr. – See You. Dinosaur Jr. started their career in 1984 and their impact on rock music is significant. They are one of the bands your favourite songwriter always mentioned in intervews. “Farm” was their ninth studio album and their first after they signed to Jagjaguwar. Dinosaur Jr. – Farm (2009) bei iTunes
  5. Foxygen – On blue mountain. Foxygen is a indie rock duo from California. Since 2005 they gain popularity amongst the indie music fans and most recently they scored they US Charts. The band is on the label Jagjaguwar too and this song comes from their second album “We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic”. Foxygen – On Blue Mountain (2013) bei iTunes
  6. PHOX – Blue & White. PHOX is the prototype of the average mid-west american pop band. The debut album “PHOX” on the other hand is beyond average and earned them some good affection lately. PHOX – Blue and White (2014) bei iTunes
  7. Foreign/National – Life Tourist. So fresh, they’re still wet behind their ears are the guys from Foreign/National from Australia. With their new EP they definitely made the critics listen. Watch out, next year might be theirs! Foreign/National – Life Tourist (2015) bei iTunes
  8. Father John Misty – I went to the store one day. FJM aka Joshua Tillman just founded his own genre and it suits him well. It’s cheesy, without a doubt, but it’s also good. FJM temporarily played drums for the Fleet Foxes. He’s not short of a few quick folk songs, but in general his pieces are strange, epical anti-hero hymns. Check his new album,”I Love you Honey Bear”! Father John Misty – I went to the store one day (2015) bei iTunes
  9. Bahamas – I got you babe. Bahamas is the solo project of Afie Jurvanen. 2014 has been his breakthrough year, but there is still a lot more to come. Canada still seems to be the habitat of some of the greatest musicians of all times. Sublime songwriting, impressive live performance. Bahamas – I got you babe (2012) bei iTunes
  10. Turin Brakes – State of Things. One of the bands, that defined the Acoustiv Movement in the U.K. around the 2000s. Always over-produced, always underrated, even on their first album “The Optimist” der Fall. Legendary anyway. Turin Brakes – State of Things (2001) bei iTunes

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