plxp #2 – Infinite and timeless – Your ultimate playlist for 2015

Not too many people listened to my fabulous playlist plxp #001, so I decided not to produce a monthly update.

But since I don’t want the 50 people who actually listened to it to suffer from music withdrawal, I just reveal one of my secrets and give you access to my playlist called Infinite and Timeless. It contains now 155 pieces of great music that I put together in 2015 and it will keep growing for the rest of the year.

Since it’s also a lot of work to make a iTunes playlist with such many tracks, you’ll only find the a teaser in there but all the rest only in the youtube playlist. :P

Genre is mostly Alternative, Indie, Pop, Rock, mostly rare or newcomers. Some occasional hits included. All very fine music, selected from hours and hours of scouting by me and my friends.

If you want, you can also subscribe to my channel plxp on youtube, with more of my playlists and daily updates.

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